Fashion, phones
& freshers



ASOS Rail Race
A mobile Scavenger Hunt

The brief

ASOS wanted to reach
style-conscious university freshers

Students arriving at uni for the first time want to make an impression. And ASOS wanted to dress them for academic success (and the odd bit of socialising).


So we built a GPS-driven mobile scavenger hunt

Uni students are never separated from their mobiles. And being Freshers’ Week we knew that they’d want to explore their new home. So we built a GPS-powered scavenger hunt which led freshers around their university cities.

Five cities

Brighton, London, Manchester,
Newcastle and Leeds

The ASOS Rail Race mobile app challenged freshers to find GPS hotspots across five cities. If they beat the clock to all five hotspots they could win the chance to refresh their wardrobe!


For each hotspot found, players were allowed to pick a new item from the ASOS Rail.


Cue happy
& new
ASOS fans

60 new outfits won in each city.

With madcap races around new cities and brand new clothes to boot, of course people were going to be happy! And they took to social media to tell the world all about it.