News / 19 November 2018

Make your move

Are you an unsolved Rubiks Cube? Let our Huawei AI app complete you, and your 43 quintillion combinations.

To put the inbuilt AI of Huawei’s new Mate 20 Pro to the test, Frank PR proposed solving the Rubik’s Cube. Building a neural learning model that could navigate the iconic puzzle’s 43 quintillion possible combinations seemed like a big enough challenge. But Huawei upped the ante, requesting we solve not just the standard cube, but a giant digital version.

So we built a 4.6m high cube, with LED screens on each side. To shuffle its rows and columns, we designed an app specifically for the Mate 20 Pro – swiping the cube shown on the phone moves the corresponding parts on the physical version.

The app taps directly into the Mate 20 Pro’s Dual NPU, and passes every move through an AI model. This means when you get stuck you can request a hint, and the phone knows where you are in the puzzle, and what combinations are required to complete it. It can then nudge you along the next few moves.

Hundreds of people came down to London’s Southbank to put themselves against our AI-enhanced version of the Rubik’s Cube, with Georgia Toffolo, from Made in Chelsea, the first to play. See how she gets on in the video below.