News / 16 December 2016

Jump the cocktail queue this Christmas party season

In Barclaycard’s drive for innovative retail solutions, their communications agency Cohn & Wolfe asked Kerve to build #pay@pump - the world’s first contactless beer pump.

The pump’s sculptural chrome form (designed by our good friends Splinterworks) contains an interactive touchscreen, contactless payment reader, and an automated beer tap.

Touch the screen to buy, hold your contactless card against the reader, then place your glass on the pump, and the beer will pour. No more waiting for barmen too busy with cocktail shakers and muddling mint leaves to pour a simple pint. Walk up to the bar and serve yourself.

Before you get too excited, we should also point out that the pump isn’t in pubs just yet. But it’s an amazing concept, and one we’re aiming to have ready for a widespread roll-out in 2017.