News / 16 November 2023

Projecting the digital age onto historic art

Smartphone manufacturer OnePlus and their PR Agency W Communications tasked Kerve with helping iconic pop artist Philip Colbert project his work directly onto the walls at London’s esteemed National Gallery.

OnePlus set the challenge of finishing a Michelangelo work that has remained incomplete for half a millennium,  but completing it with a modern twist.  Using its flagship foldable, the OnePlus Open, Colbert – a London-based artist renowned for his vibrant lobster motifs – has bridged the gap between the Renaissance and the digital age.

Working with W Communications Kerve took the final completed artwork, as well as a time-lapsed version, and projected these in 4K onto a custom built wall commissioned specifically for the campaign inside The National Gallery.  The new artwork could be seen directly alongside Michelangelo’s original.

The OnePlus marketing campaign aims to demonstrate the value of the company’s latest device as a pocket-size creative studio and how the OnePlus Open helps you be creative and work from anywhere. 

This unique project emerges against the backdrop of a European-wide study by OnePlus, revealing that 79% of Brits feel hindered from reaching their full potential due to time constraints and productivity issues. The OnePlus Open “closes the loop” on unfinished work by providing the tools for multitasking and completing tasks efficiently.