News / 1 August 2015

Build it and they will come

We've just built a website to help a community build themselves from the ground up.

Grainger PLC are turning the site of the former army barracks near Aldershot into a carefully planned town. With every resident arriving from elsewhere, creating a strong social network will be critical to this new town’s success.

To help smooth their arrival we’ve built a platform for these new neighbours to organise events, discuss news and build their own community. We designed a custom CMS, stripping back any superfluous functionality, so that the site can be managed by the town’s residents. As the town isn't complete yet we've added an illustrated map with information hotspots so people can see how it will eventually look. Blogs and events calenders keep current and future residents up to date, while an Instagram feed will show the development of Wellesley over time. And to make sure residents can use their website whether they’re in their new homes, exploring their new town, or discovering their ancient woodlands, we've done all of this within a mobile-first responsive design.