News / 1 July 2018

In the music hour

Ballantine's want to put you in control of the music. We built a Spotify app to help them do so.

Their TrueMusicHour campaign will be visiting bars across the country, and inviting you to suggest a track to the DJ. If they play your suggestion you get to join them in the DJ booth and receive the crowd's adulation for your impeccable music taste.

We've built the platform connecting you to the DJ (with design credits going to M&C Saatchi). Go to, choose the bar you're in, then type the name of the track you want. As soon as you start typing the Spotify API will auto-suggest options matching your entry. Select your jam/banger/choon/ditty, and it will be added to the playlist in the DJ booth.

Then take to the dance floor, and await your moment in the limelight.