News / 1 October 2023

the power of EV

How do you digitally enhance a classic village fête? With a 20ft interactive maypole of course.

Thanks to their innovative ‘V2L’ adapters, Hyundai’s new electric vehicles are able to power pretty much anything connected with a 3 pin plug.

We worked with Launch PR to showcase this technology by using the latest Hyundai vehicles to power a 20ft interactive maypole at a traditional English village fête.

We designed, fabricated and installed the 20ft structure, consisting of over 60 LED panels encasing a steel frame. Bespoke software and UI was developed to manage our unique Hyundai-inspired animations,  which had to work fluidly around the maypole for a full 360º viewing experience.

In addition to the maypole, we designed and fabricated a large scale ‘buzzer’ game, in the shape of the new Hyundai Ionic 6.  This was wirelessly connected to the maypole, creating a visual indicator whenever someone made a connection – adding a unique element to the experience.