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Targeted Ads
& Shareable Games

The brief

Let fans know there’s more than just Katsu Curry at Wagamama

While they were rightly proud of the buzzfeed adoration of their signature dish, Wagamama wanted to spread the word about their full range of delicious food.


We turned seasonal menus into social gaming!

Over the course of the year we built several Facebook apps. Each used a classic game mechanic to highlight the seasonal additions to Wagamama’s menu. And, thanks to our cheeky sharing rules workaround, each game rewarded fans who invited their friends to play.

With Facebook’s changes to their newsfeed algorithm, organic reach was becoming a harder and harder thing to achieve. To boost the reach of our games and their posts, we carefully planned a year-long calendar of highly targeted Facebook ads.

The result

The stats got
tastier too

Their Facebook page became almost as popular as their noodles. Our games were played by 19,345 people, increasing Wagamama’s Facebook fan acquisition by 9%. Our Facebook advertising built their fanbase from 67,000 to over 170,000 (a 150% rise) at a cost of 19.5p per person per Page Like ad. And our targeted store opening adverts reached an average of 100,000 potential customers at 17p per click.