News / 25 July 2023

Cyber Challenge. Hacked.

One of our clients approached us with an idea - to promote their new product in a way never seen before in their industry. The product related to cyber security, and they had gamification in mind…

We created a ‘hacker’ style game that would test people’s ability in the dark areas of cyber. The solution could be used in either an office or exhibition setting, with an integrated leaderboard to provide a competitive edge to the experience.

Users simply have to scan a QR code, enter some basic information, and they are ready to go. With up to three players battling against each other to hack the code in the fastest time possible, our bespoke solution provided the client with the experience they were looking for – one that made them the talk of the exhibition.

“Many thanks to everyone at Kerve for all your hard work on the game. It’s been a huge success and a really great asset for us to keep using in the future.”

Project Manager [Client Side] – Under NDA.