News / 8 May 2018

Water, water, everywhere

Anglian Water hit the road this spring, and we helped them ask customers what they want them to invest in.

As the company in charge of six million peoples' water supply, Anglian Water has a lot of responsibility resting on its shoulders. Not just to maintain the supply of the most important utility, but to invest their customers' money in the things that matter most to them.

To help them find out whether customers think they should invest in climate change prevention or sewage maintenance, fixing leaks or the local environment, we built 'Be The Boss'. This interactive quiz takes you through the key investment and infrastructure decisions Anglian Water face. Upon completion, you’re shown how your decisions would impact both your bills and Anglian’s future plans.

And, as most eight-year-olds probably don't have an opinion on sewage infrastructure, we also created 'Pipes'. This game uses a Leap Motion sensor to challenge kids to turn off the taps on some very leaky plumbing.

Kids entertained, parents engaged, Anglian informed.