News / 16 January 2024

Illuminating Christmas
with the power of voice

The brief was clear - a giant Christmas tree that lights up and animates when somebody sings Michael Bublé’s Winter Wonderland.

We were approached by Cow PR who had the cool idea of creating a voice-powered Christmas tree – specifically, people singing. With Michael Bublé the star of ASDA’s Christmas ad, the choice of track was obvious.

Kerve were responsible for building the tech to detect, translate, and analyse the vocals into activating the tree lights. 

We installed over 6,500 addressable LED lights on the 6m tree, and let the voice-recognition software and AI do their trick.  Once the software detected people singing Michael Buble’s carol, it analysed their tone, pitch, and tempo in real-time.   The better and louder they sang – the greater and brighter the LEDs lit up.

The amount of people that either took part or stopped to watch was incredible, and the overall vibe throughout the one-day event got everyone in the Christmas spirit.