News / 10 May 2016

Doughnut believe the hype

The future’s here, and it tastes sweet.

Take a stroll down Holborn High Street this week and you may stumble upon a window scene straight out of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. You won’t find any golden tickets, but you will find the Krispy Kreme #HoleInTheWall, dishing out their new, limited edition, Nutella doughnuts.

Our Doughnut ATM serves up the tasty treats in exchange for a £2 donation to the Teenage Cancer Trust. Flash the cash via our contactless payment system and the joy will begin. Cogs will spin, trains will travel and your doughnut will arrive via a magic hatch.

It’s only been live for three days but it’s already grabbed the attention of sugar addicts from across the world, including Buzzfeed, Hypebeast, TimeOut, and The Drum.

Alongside building the payment interface, we designed, sawed, sewed, wired and glued the entire window display. But the biggest challenge was keeping our mitts off the mountain of doughnuts around us on launch day.