News / 1 December 2013

The first
to open
Pandora's box!

Selling ladies’ jewellery to discerning gents.

Pandora faced a big problem in extending their potential customer base – how to get the 49.05% of the population less interested in ladies’ jewellery to buy it. Meanwhile, Conde Nast were struggling to create engagement with the static ads appearing in their new iPad editions. We solved both problems with one advert.

First we hacked the back-end system of Conde Nast’s digital ad platform so that we could serve dynamic content; something previously impossible on the platform. Then we put men’s love of gadgets to work, plugging into the iPad’s accelerometer so that the Pandora ad would respond fluidly to the reader’s every movement.

The result was the first fully interactive ad for Conde Nast. It appeared in GQ’s Christmas iPad Edition, showing different gift ideas from Pandora’s range of jewellery each time you looked at it. It set the benchmark for Conde Nast’s digital ads and became the example of best practice innovation for all of their sales staff.

NB: View the ad on iPad for the full experience.