News / 24 March 2013

We’ve got you over a barrel

Are you feeling lucky punk? Then enter Jameson's whiskey cellar and pick a Lucky Barrel.

Every bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey is matured for at least three years in one of the sherry butts, bourbon barrels or port pipes that fill their cellars. The barrels in our cellar won’t be there quite that long, but they could win you a trip to New York. We've created a neverending cellar of 'lucky' barrels. All you have to do is head to the Lucky Barrel app on Jameson’s Facebook page and claim up to three barrels a day as your own. Every day we’ll be picking a few lucky barrels whose owners will win bottles of Jameson or cinema tickets. Then at the end of the week we’ll pick the luckiest barrel of all and send the owner on a trip to NYC.