News / 18 July 2023

Shot by Drone. Remotely.

In a recent advert, OnePlus demonstrated their new phones' incredible Hasselblad camera quality in a unique way. The phone was suspended from a drone flying high above the Scottish village of Knoydart - the most remote place in the UK, whilst being controlled by world famous photographer Matt Porteous. The twist - Matt was in London using another OnePlus phone throughout the shoot.

With the location, drone and logistics sorted, Goodfuse had one other element to overcome; establishing a low latency connection and camera control between the phone in London and the one on the drone, hundreds of miles away. Kerve researched and configured the perfect solution that allowed Matt Porteous to use all of the camera functionality on the phone attached to the drone, through his own device.

Whilst we were on hand throughout the shoot if required, the solution worked perfectly and the end product beat everyone’s expectations. Our thanks goes to Goodfuse for orchestrating a fantastic campaign.