Meantime Brewing Company

The brief

Meantime Brewing wanted a digital presence as beautifully crafted as their beer.

We hooked up with Meantime towards the end of 2012. Their beer was flying off the shelves and winning barrel-loads of awards, but their digital presence was limited to a decent website and a fledgling Facebook page. We were asked to make their online activity as innovative and successful as their brewing.


We added the raw ingredients
at just the right time

The first step was to generate sales through the website.
We restructured their existing site, putting an eCommerce store at the heart of it, and developed an eCRM strategy to drive traffic. We then organised their Facebook marketing, adding apps and competitions to their page and developing a calendar of sponsored posts and adverts.

Next up

Visualising the ultimate pub trivia

To help reinforce Meantime’s position as beer experts, we created the pub-quiz-tastic Bar Charts. This series of interactive infographics provided die-hard fans with a great source of ‘Did you know’ trivia, and introduced casual drinkers to the world of craft beer.

A virtual
brewery experience

Thanks to the wisdom and wit of their notorious guides, Meantime’s brewery tours became a London must-do. However, unless you could get to Greenwich you missed out. That was until we built a 360 tour, which you could take through their website, or through virtual reality headsets.

Catering for
everyone’s taste

Discovering your own perfect brew.
By this point we’d helped Meantime’s customers understand the world’s taste for beer and the brewing process. Now it was time to help them create their own beer. Virtual Brew demonstrates how three simple ingredients can create a myriad of flavour profiles.

Last but not least

festival audiences

The summer saw Meantime’s Beer Truck roll up and pour out thousands of pints of tank-fresh beer to festival audiences. The only downside for the thirsty customers was the queue. So, to provide entertainment and a little bit of beer education, we designed Hop Harvest, a motion sensor game with pints for prizes!

The result

It’s looking like a perfect pour

In the three years since our partnership began, Meantime’s web traffic has increased by 262% and their online sales by 183%. Earlier this year they were bought by SAB Miller for an undisclosed sum thought to be in the region of £50m.

Our partnership continues and 2016 is already off to a flyer, with plans for an interactive digital truck well under way.

We’ll raise a (pint) glass to that!