This is a fan’s

Project Dashboard
Data Visualisation & Widgets

The brief

Visualise the hardest working data in the music business

Digital music pioneers wanted to give music fans greater insight. Thirteen years after they marked the way for Spotify, Beats et al, are repositioning their groundbreaking service. They know more about the world’s listening habits than most, and want to put this data at the forefront of their platform. Our challenge was to design a series of interfaces which turn this data into an engaging experience for the fans.

The solution

We put the
world’s listening
habits on show

By harnessing their live global data feeds we designed a series of animated interactive infographics which update in real-time. Meanwhile, our dynamic dashboard presents listeners with personalised recommendations and a raft of discovery tools.


With custom APIs, our widgets represented live activity.

The result

We put fans
on the good foot!

With our tools,’s users can now check the trending tracks and artists in each country, the most popular track in the world, what’s being listened to right now, historical trends, genres, albums, tracks, artists and of course, the all important ‘scrobbles’. They can connect to a worldwide music community and discover their new favourite bands. Originally intended to be spread throughout the new site, our interfaces have become’s home page, and the cornerstone of the business’s repositioning.