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The brief

Hand customers control...
and watch the sales roll in.

Personalisation is big business. Coca-Cola’s ‘Share a Coke’ campaign drove a 4.93% increase in sales and Nike ID, which made $100m in 2009, is at the centre of Nike’s £5bn sales target for their direct-to-consumer channel.

In autumn 2015 we built a personalisation app for Marmite within Facebook. It generated £500,000 in sales within the first month. As a result, we’ve built website versions of the app for Marmite, Vaseline, and Dove Baby USA, and a touchscreen app for The Body Shop’s stores. We’re currently (as of May 2018) working on versions for two more FMCG brands. Here’s how we did it.

Woah, we’re moving too fast...
what’s your name?

The solution

systems and
potty mouths

The Vaseline and Marmite apps are integrated with the main brand websites and iFramed into the brand Facebook pages. Orders are printed and dispatched by fulfilment company Intervino.

Customers choose a label then type their name, which appears in real-time on their chosen design. For each brand we had to set a character limit, based on the font being used and the size of the type area. And because of people’s potty mouths, we built a custom swear filter, which considers the contextual associations and potential misuses of each brand.

The basket and checkout system, including bespoke shipping calculator, are based on Braintree, which allows payments to be taken without redirecting to their 3rd party page. Data is sent straight to the brand’s CRM database, while our custom API allows real-time order processing by Intervino. Brand teams can respond to seasonal campaigns or specific events by editing the content and available labels.

Buttering up
the customers

Whereas Marmite and Vaseline wanted to run their personalisation campaigns online (alongside a pop-up shop, in the case of Marmite), The Body Shop wanted an offline solution for their worldwide retail stores. Buy a tub of The Body Shop’s iconic Body Butter, use our touchscreen app to create and print your label, then stick it to the tub. Data is saved into an admin system on the local machine for export at a later date.

The result

Worldwide retail,
million pound sales

Online and in-store, our personalisation software has helped brands generate millions in sales.

Building on the staggering success of its first month, the Marmite app has taken £1.5 million in sales to date. Meanwhile Vaseline, who launched their app a year later, has already taken over £500,000.

The 120 stores that received The Body Shop’s personalisation stations saw a significant increase in sales vs those stores that don’t have them. As a result we’ve now rolled out the app and accompanying hardware to a further 40+ stores worldwide.

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