News / 22 October 2022

Ever seen a website disappear in front of your eyes?

The Living Planet Report 2022

With the release of its globally anticipated and significant report detailing the worldwide decline of different species over the years, WWF UK wanted to look at ways of announcing its release on their website in a unique way.

WWF UK approached Kerve with an idea – to try and make parts of their website disappear to emphasise and mirror the decline in animal population loss of habitat. Doing what we do best, we took this to the next level, by creating a solution that not only grabbed the user’s attention by making the whole site evaporate before their eyes, but presented a visual story that instantly highlighted the concerning stats in the report.

With a fixed deadline and short timeframe, we worked very closely with the teams at WWF UK to make sure our solution delivered the impact they were hoping for in time for launch, and provided a high level of support throughout the campaign.


“Kerve were able to turn around this activation in a very short timeframe. Our initial brief was quite vague, but we worked with the team to nail down the deliverables and Kerve delivered a very beautiful solution. We hadn’t tested a page takeover of this type before, and it meant we were able to get the Living Planet Report’s key messages out to a wide variety of supporters on our website in a unique and impactful way.”

Joe Trigg
Head of Digital Product & Delivery at WWF-UK