News / 25 May 2016

The main event

As much as we love bringing a smile to people’s faces with a car-crushing robot, there’s a certain, quiet satisfaction to developing a functional software solution to a specific business problem.

Jisc provide digital solutions for UK education and research. As part of this they run and attend events to help inspire and prepare FE and HE institutions, and they needed an app for these events, to help explain their services.

We built a touchscreen solution which works on and offline. The CMS enables them to create event-specific pages from a variety of templates, with the app navigation updating dynamically. Fonts and colours can be customised from a menu, while text, images, video and PDFs can be uploaded and assigned to one or multiple events.

As wifi isn’t always reliable, or even available, at the events Jisc attend, we built the contact submissions form to store data locally and automatically sync to the CMS once the app is online. Finally, so that the app can be installed on any iPad, we set up enterprise licence distribution, accessible by anyone Jisc give the credentials to.

Form, function, and flexibility. Not big, but a little bit clever. Even if we do say so ourselves.