A Krispy Kreme
vending machine

DeVries SLAM


An Experiential
High Street Installation

The brief

Create excitement for
a nutty collaboration between
two sweet brands

DeVries SLAM called us about a top secret project for Krispy Kreme.
Brilliant we thought, as visions of Homer Simpson swirled around our heads. Then they told us the timeline… six weeks from this initial briefing to live. Doh, we thought. But the project was too good to let a silly thing like
hours in the day stop us.

The perfect pairing

All aboard the
Nutella train!

Krispy Kreme were launching the Nutty Chocolatta™ doughnut - a doughnut filled with pure Nutella® Hazelnut spread.
To publicise the launch DeVries SLAM had proposed turning the Holborn store into #HoleInTheWall, a giant doughnut ATM! Opening for two weeks, #HoleInTheWall would allow people to pay via contactless, with all profits going to Teenage Cancer Trust. And they wanted us to build it.

Our Solution

A joy-filled, interactive

We had two floor-to-ceiling windows and the door between them to play with. Taking inspiration from Willy Wonka, our design filled the windows full of spinning wheels, flashing lights and doughnut-delivering toy trains. We then replaced the glass door with a wooden one, which displayed the CTA and campaign hashtag, and housed a contactless payment system and the delivery hatch for the doughnut. The overall effect was a pedestrian-stopping display sure to fill every customer with joy.

How could we track who had used #HoleInTheWall? Our contactless system allowed customers to pay simply by holding their bank card or Apple Pay enabled iPhone to the door. We also gave them the option to enter one of the 500,000 unique voucher codes Krispy Kreme had sent to their fans, plus press and bloggers. By tracking the codes we can tell who redeemed their voucher, and DeVries SLAM and Krispy Kreme can tailor future outreach towards those who’d made the effort to get to #HoleInTheWall.


The purchase needed to be seamless, so we set up contactless payments on the store front door.

Let’s just say
it went very well...

Customers queued for the experience!
#HoleInTheWall sold 6,904 Nutty Chocolatta™ Doughnuts during the two weeks it was open. That's one doughnut sold every 1 min 40 seconds!

Coverage, coverage, coverage...
It wasn’t just the customers working themselves into a frenzy. There were 222 pieces of coverage within 14 days, including Huffington Post, ELLE and Buzzfeed, with a combined potential reach of 244,774,939. We even went international, with Grazia France getting in on the act.

And social was impressed!
6,279 tweets and Instagram posts generated throughout the campaign, delivering 81,161,979 impressions. Krispy Kreme trended organically on Twitter and took the No1 Facebook trend spot, rivalling London Mayor #PollingDay!

All of this contributed to the icing on the doughnut - the point three days in, when Nutty Chocolatta™ overtook the iconic Original Glaze as the No1 selling Krispy Kreme nationwide.