News / 8 October 2022

Delivering personal letters to MPs for the next decade

We joined forces with The Climate Coalition once again to generate a platform supporting their ‘Letters to Tomorrow’ campaign.

This campaign focusses on the increasing threat of climate change, aiming to highlight the issues to the UK government as much and as frequently as possible. Our solution enables the public to submit letters voicing their personal feelings on climate change. The Climate Coalition then selects one letter a day to be emailed directly to MPs.

With our assistance in setting the site up on WP Engine and being on hand for any updates they require in the future, this provides The Climate Coalition with a tool to continue their campaign for the next decade.


“Really great to have launched the Letters site and we’ve had lots of positive feedback about it – letters are coming in thick and fast so really big thanks to the work Kerve have done to get it off the ground, I know it was a really tight timeframe but we’re so pleased with the result.”

Kitty Jones
Digital Communications Manager