News / 10 January 2013

If you go down to
the woods today

If a tree falls in the Belvedere (Red) Forest, 26,311 people hear

In the run up to Christmas we created the magical Belvedere Forest app. It was part of the launch campaign for the special edition, charity fundraising, Belvedere (Red) Vodka. The game challenged players to search an elegantly minimal forest for prizes hidden within baubles hanging from the trees. Just setting foot in the forest entered a player into the prize draw for a trip to the Belvedere Lights Party in New York.

By incentivising players to invite their friends to help in their search (with an extra entry into the prize draw for every invite sent) we sent the game viral. During the month the app was live 26,311 users opened well over a million baubles. As a result there was a 67% increase in monthly likes of Belvedere’s Facebook page, and an 87% increase in monthly Twitter impressions.