News / 11 October 2014

Crushing car insurance quotes… with a giant robot arm

Moneysupermarket crush car insurance quotes. And they wanted an epic demonstration of this.

Splendid came up the idea of giving visitors to the chance to crush a car in a scrapyard's car-crusher. Brilliant we thought, so we built a prototype which involved using a controllable robot arm to hit a big red 'crush' button, which in turn started the car-crusher. But, just as we were about to start building the final version, we went to Glastonbury, and saw Arcadia's fire-spitting spider. Complete with giant robot arms; which were throwing cars.

We quickly tracked down the giant robot arms to two hippies in a warehouse in Amsterdam. After some considerable technical whizz-kiddery, we connected one of them to an interface on We then hooked up a live video feed, and hey presto, customers could crush their car insurance quote while crushing an actual car.

Ridiculous? Yes. Effective? Well, only if you consider 430 million OTS, 10.4 million impressions, MoneySuperMarket holding the #1 position on Google for natural search of 'car insurance', and coverage by everyone from Creative Brief to The Daily Mail, effective.